Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 9th-13th

I have started a contest with the students of who can sell more cookie dough. I have told them that any student who sells more tubs of cookie dough than me will earn lunch in the classroom and a special treat. So far I have sold 2 tubs and I hopefully have a few more in the works. Please help your children earn their treats and lunch! All of the proceeds are going toward an outdoor classroom/pavilion that we will get to use as soon as it is built!

Please make sure that you are going over your child's homework with them. They are tested each week over the concepts they are studying in their homework and your help is greatly appreciated. 

There are still a few students who do not have headphones. Please send those in as soon as possible!

Superhero Costume
If you have not sent the yellow form about your child's superhero costume for the musical, please send that in as soon as possible. 

100 Club Log and Book-It:
Please do not forget to log the books your child is reading nightly and initial the date on the Book-It calendar when they read for 20 or more minutes out loud to you. They will earn a free Pizza Hut pizza for reading every day.
The 100 Club Log will be due NEXT WEEK for a grade!!!

Please use the link below if you think you or your child may have the flu.
Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt Flu Tool

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