Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6th-10th

Personal Updates:
I am back at school today and tomorrow, but my sub will be with me tomorrow. We have had some setbacks with the adoption and the birthmother is wavering in her decision. So, we are just waiting day by day for updates. I will try to keep you posted through emails as I have information. 

100 Club Log and Book-It:
It is vital that you are reading nightly with your child. Please log these books on their 100 Club log in the back of the book. 

We are back to somewhat regular homework this week. Your child will have two math sheets instead of one. They are to do 5 problems per night. 20 problems in all will be due Friday, just like normal. 
Please make sure that you are going over your child's homework with them. They are tested each week over the concepts they are studying in their homework and your help is greatly appreciated. 

Superhero Costume
Please make sure that your child has a SUPERHERO costume for the musical. The performances will be April 21st at 6:00pm for parents and family and April 22nd for the school. I have had some students ask if they could dress up as animals or other things. This is not allowed, they must be superheroes because that is the theme of the musical. 

Related Arts: 

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