Thursday, September 18, 2014

Midweek News

Box Tops: 
Please send in your Box Tops ASAP. I will be sending these to be counted on Monday, September 22nd. Your child can bring them in at any time. I have a bag right inside my door where they can put them when they arrive in class. 

Also, don't forget we are also collecting Campbell's Labels for Education. I have a bag for that as well. 

Fundraiser Info:
Your child brought home 2 fundraising packets yesterday. These are 2 different companies and the orders (and money for the orders) must be kept separate. So, if a family member wants to order something from both companies, they need to write 2 checks or place the exact amount of cash in EACH envelope. 
All orders and money are due OCTOBER 1st...sell, sell, sell!

We heard an update yesterday and we have 210 families who have joined, so we still need 140 more before your child can wear jeans on Fridays! The first 3 classes to have 100% participation get a snow cone party. Please send in your $10 and teal form as soon as you are able.

Just a reminder, the 100 Club Book Log counts as a grade for your child each of the 9 weeks. If your child reads 25 out of the 25 books, they will receive a 100. If they only read 20, that is an 80, if they only read 15, that is a 60, etc. Please make your child's reading a priority!!!

Scootpad at home:
Your child is allowed to get on Scootpad at home and I would strongly encourage them to do so. Any work they do at home earns them extra coins and helps build a strong foundation for the skills we are working on in class. 

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