Monday, September 1, 2014


100 Club Reading Log
We are now a month away from the deadline for the first 25 books and many students do not have any books written in their logs. Your child is to be reading out loud NIGHTLY for 20 minutes for homework. Please make sure that you are writing the books in the log AFTER they have read out loud to you and please initial beside the book. Also, please do not forget that 9 of these books are to be non-fiction (fact) books. Many students have fiction books written on the lines designated for non-fiction books. Chapter books can count as 2 books.

Several students still have not brought in their headphones. Please make sure that you send those in this week. We will begin spelling and vocabulary test using those this week.

We will begin having Word Work homework this week. Your child will have their words and sorts in their folder Tuesday night and these are due on Friday(along with the math homework) . There are 4 tasks for math (as usual) and 4 for Word Work, so this week you will need to double up one night. It should not add that much time on to their original homework. 

PTO Membership
We are only a third of the way to our school wide goal for PTO Membership. Only about 3 families from our class have joined so far. Please make sure you send in that $10 and join today! If we reach 350 families, your students will be allowed to wear jeans and an AZ Kelley t-shirt every Friday. 
Our next PTO meeting is Monday, September 22nd at 3:15pm. I would love to see you there! 

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