Saturday, January 31, 2015

February 2nd-6th

Presentations will be this Friday,  February 6th in the morning. Parents are invited to attend. 
Your child brought home their report on Friday and they need to be practicing this report so that they speak naturally during their presentation.
Please remember that you are to be preparing a costume at home for your child to wear the day of the presentation. They will need to wear their costume and bring SSA shirts (or AZK t-shirts) and jeans to change into after the presentations. 

Graded Papers:
Your child will be bringing graded papers home this week (hopefully Monday or Tuesday). Please sit down with your child and correct wrong answers with a colored pencil or pen. Do not erase the original answers. These papers are to be corrected, signed, and returned by the date listed. 

There are still several students who have not brought headphones to school. Computers and iPad are used daily in our classroom and your child desperately needs their own pair of headphones at their disposal. 

Box tops are to be turned in this week. Please send any in that you may have been collecting. 

100 Club Log and Book-It:
Please do not forget to log the books your child is reading nightly and initial the date on the Book-It calendar when they read for 20 or more minutes out loud to you. They will earn a free Pizza Hut pizza for reading every day.

Please use the link below if you think you or your child may have the flu.
Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt Flu Tool

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