Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jan. 20th-23rd

TESTS this week:
Spelling, reading and vocabulary tests will be taken tomorrow instead of Friday. Junior Achievement will be here all day on Friday to teach the children all about business and government.

Your children have been researching, researching, and researching here at school. There reports are coming along great! 
Please remember that you are to be preparing a costume at home for them to wear the day of the presentation. 
Also, they will be bringing their reports home with them on Jan. 30th. Please make time for your child to practice presenting their report. 

100 Club Log and Book-It:
Please do not forget to log the books your child is reading nightly and initial the date on the Book-It calendar when they read for 20 or more minutes out loud to you. They will earn a free Pizza Hut pizza for reading every day.

Please use the link below if you think you or your child may have the flu.
Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt Flu Tool

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